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Guild Wars After 40th

I have been playing Guild Wars 2 for two weeks and I am already 40th. It has been so fun that I didn’t even see the levels go by. Now I am encountering the down sides to GW2 as of hitting 40th. Character development just plummets. It appears that 40th is the end game. I have almost every skill and those that I don’t have, I don’t like. At this point I am just collecting them. The only thing I am getting now is traits and these are pretty useless except for every 5 levels, when you get a special ability.

So now for 40 more levels I will be spending my time getting better equipment and traits, that is it. That is pretty sad. I also find myself blocked on my personal story, which means I will need to get some uber equipment to progress any further. The events and hearts are rather directionless, repetitive and all this combines to create a new type of grind I haven’t experienced before.

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5 Design Tricks Facebook Uses to Affect Your Privacy

Do you know how many apps access your personal information on Facebook? Check your Facebook apps permissions and get ready for a surprise.

In fact, Facebook keeps “improving” their design so that more of us will add apps on Facebook without realizing we’re granting those apps (and their creators) access to our personal information. After all, this access to our information and identity is the currency Facebook is trading in and what is driving its stock up or down.

It should be no surprise that in the new App Center Facebook made another leap forward in their efforts to get you to expose your personal info without realizing you’re doing so.

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Bye Bye Skype, Hello iCall

I had to give up Skype as they made an unauthorized charge of $60 to my bank account. After much research I finally found the phone replacement called iCall. I like being able to receive and make calls on my computer. iCall is even a little cheaper than Skype. I also found it really frustrating to find Skype customer service and they weren’t very helpful. Check out iCall here.

Have a video play as your background

This is an awesome JavaScript add-on to a website called BigVideo.

Will the real mitt stand up

The Real Mitt


One of my favorite songs by Bonga:
Bonga – Sodade

Remix Part 1