Google is too big, too much, too invasive and ruining the internet.  I am hoping someone creates a new search engine or I will.

As Google has grown, they now see fit to keep over reaching and getting in the business of policing the Internet. Also their funding comes from creating huge data profiles of YOU and tracking everything you do. Due to this I moved off gmail to Zoho mail.

Duck Duck Go is cool for a search engine replacement, but the reality is that it is the Bing search engine. So it just switches you from beast to the other. Then there is Chrome which is even a more powerful way to track your data. The list goes on with the way Google is tracking people. Youtube, Chrome, Google Search, Google Books, Chrome OS, Android, Gmail, Merchant Approval, and so on. The more you use their products the better the profile they create of you. They are masters of lazy people. So if you feel like being Oogled then keep using their products.

Now let me clue you into the way Google is policing the net. First it was their Malware scan of websites. If they find anything, they don’t just warn you, they blacklist your website from their searches. Then you have to appeal with them to re-list you which can take up to 2 weeks. Since the Penguin Update to their search engine, they have started de-ranking sites that have too many links that they don’t respect.   Next week they are going to be de-ranking websites that have copyright material on their websites. Basically if someone doesn’t like you, they can wage war on you by negative SEO.