As you can see I updated my website. I found a WordPress theme that allows me to do what I was doing on Facebook, which was posting my interests and sharing them with all of you. This makes my sharing more public, but so be it.

Facebook went over the top with advertising to me, even when I tried blocking that advertising. It left a sick taste in my mouth, with the feeling of being used and abused by a company that had zero interest in me. They see all of us commodities to be bought and sold. They use all our data and connections with other people to sell and market to us. They share all our personal info with companies, police, the NSA, FBI, CIA and others. Then there is the constant updates to their look and feel, which has very little ability to customize and the stupid LIKE button, which I HATE.

Finally I got so sick of my friends and family posting stupid images with quotes, having to see their online games ratings and basically not really interacting with most of them most of the time. It was nice to feel connected, but reality is that wasn’t the case. Most of them never called or wrote a letter, or even contacted me on IM. So I would rather leave Facebook and try and build stronger relationship with friends and family.