chrisMy love for technology and how it can change our lives keeps me exploring and updated with the latest trends. For a couple of years I have been working with Ajax and Web 2.0 technologies. Since I have had to master Mac, Linux and Windows, I am very focused on standards and cross browser compatibility with CSS. Over the last three years I have been doing Objected Oriented Programming with PHP5. Open source is making great strides in all areas of technology. This has driven me to toward Linux and setting up LAMP servers and running Linux Mint as my programming environment. Currently I am working on developing Firefox, Chrome and WordPress extensions.

If you are a recruiter, please note I am not interested in part-time jobs or jobs that require me to move.

SNAC (Social Network Account Creator) 1.3

I have created an extension for Google Chrome that allows you to automate creating social networking accounts.

1. Cross platform as Chrome runs on Linux, Mac and Windows
2. Create accounts on 30 Social Networks presently (more being added)
3. Keeps track of your account creation

Currently I am working on adding more social networks and more features.

Sprite Creator 2.0

I have just released the new version 2.0 of Sprite Creator, today May 18th, 2010. A new way to select a sprite within an image and have the css generated from it.

Arapahoe Meat Co


Kudos to all the people at Web Hosting Geeks for finding the time to support my website as well as reviewing great web hosting companies.