I have a windows 7 machine and upgraded to windows 10 only to discover a privacy nightmare. Lucky for you, you now have your own personal advertiser’s ID. Windows monitors everything, including keystrokes. There are tons of privacy settings and when you disable them you disable many features such as Cortona which basically scours all your info and data to do things you really don’t need done. For example it will track your packages and tell you when they will arrive. Who needs that when you already get emails notifying you about when your package will arrive. If Cortona tells you that your package will arrive today and it doesn’t, what then?

Next you are stuck with the horrible mono color theme until Window Blinds supports 10.  I found some of my applications didn’t work anymore like my Bernina Embroidery Software Version 7.
The boot up was slow and showed me a log in screen, even though I don’t use a password and then proceed to show me the desktop. Even when I was at the desktop the system would grind away not allowing me to run apps. About twice as long to get started as Windows 7.

The start menu was full of junk I didn’t want and when I pinned the calculator to the menu, I couldn’t find the icon because it was at the bottom of all the items, instead of on the left side icons. When I deleted all the tiles, I was left with an ugly blank blocky box for a start menu. You can fix the menu by using Stardock’s start 10 menu, but there is appears no way to remove the HUGE Cortona search box on the taskbar. Also the minimize all windows in the right corner is so small, it is very hard to use now.

When I opened the calculator, it was so god awful looking that I didn’t even want to do math. This is due to it being a strange web app, instead of a native Windows app. I tried other calculators but they all were pretty poor.

So feeling like playing a game I tried solitaire. The game wasn’t even the original solitaire and I couldn’t play until I watched a 30 minute advertisement for a ford trucks. I loaded up the Xbox store and couldn’t find the free Fable game.

The Edge browser is pretty useless as there are no apps for it, like Chrome or Firefox.

The settings are all over the place and there are multiple windows for settings. There are also so many settings that you can easily get confused.

The best part of Windows 10 was the ability to revert back to Windows 7 without losing anything.

There are only a three reasons I see to use Windows 10:

1. You have an Xbox and want to play those games on your PC.

2. You want DirectX 12, but there currently aren’t any games that really support it yet.

3. You are a large company and might be able to track more info about your employees than you could before.